Changing the Error Pages look In Cpanel

For those of you who are bored with the look of the standard error pages, and understand a bit of HTML, this article will help you to change the display error pages to be more attractive. Here are the steps.

1. Log into your cpanel website, usually using addresses (change with your main domain.

2. Go to the menu on the tab advanced Error pages in your cpanel,

3. Click on one of the error pages you want to change, for example we will choose 404 (Not Found).

4. Fill with whatever script you want (html), you can also add images previously uploaded to your public_html first, the example script as below

<title> Page Not Found </ title>
</ head>
<b> <font size=”16″> Stop!!! </ font> </ b> < br /> target not found, please take a moment to pause and contemplate this image. <br/> <br/>
<img src=”/error_images/404.jpg”> <br/> <br/>
If you feel suspicious, <a href=””> please click here </ a>
</ center>
</ body>
</ html>

in the script above, we have added previously uploaded images placed 404.jpg names public_html / error_images, to script <a href=?..> simply changed by the address of your website, which is the function of the script returns to the main page of the website if you clicked on.

5. Test results by typing (files that do not exist in your folder),

Good luck with 404