cPanel – how to add Addon Domains

Addon Domains

Addon domains is one of the top features in the hosting where in the same hosting can add multiple domain names with different sites. This means you do not have to always prepare for each domain hosting package purchased – certainly more cost effective. Later when domains are added (addon) accessed from a browser, the site content is displayed differently with the main domain. Check out some of the steps below to configure the features addon domain in your hosting account with,

  1. Log in to cPanel via URL 
  2. At the main page of cPanel, click the Addon Domains in Domains  category .
  3. Fill in the domain name to be added in the New Domain Name , and then click a field Password . Part Subdomain / FTP Username and Document Root will be filled automatically. Adjust the location if different fields.
  4. Type any desired password in the Password filled and then type in again in the Password (Again) .
  5. End the process by clicking on the Addon Domains and wait until the information appears that the domain has been successfully added.

That’s it you have added the new domain to your account without ordering the new hosting account, host with us