cPanel – how to add Subdomain’s

Subdomain used to map existing hosting directory with the naming format https://sub.domainname.comThis feature is widely used to simplify shorting a long URL and make it easier to remember. Check out some of the steps below to setup a subdomain on your Pamir Web Hosting Account’s.


  1. Log in to cPanel via URL format .
  2. On the main page of cPanel, click the Subdomains in the Domains  category .
  3. Fill in the name of the subdomain that would like to be made in the subdomain , and then select the domain name in the drop-down menu. Document Root will be filled automatically according to the subdomain name that is made, you can fill in the different if you wish.  now Click on Create to button to creating the subdomains.
and you have new subdomain in minute with Pamir Web Hosting,