cPanel – how to create Redirects

Main Domain or subdomain redirects to a specific location or URL.


  1. Log in to cPanel via URL format .
  2. At the main page of cPanel, click the Redirects in the Domains  category .
  3. Select the type of redirect in the drop-down menu , and then select the domain or subdomain you want to use for redirect. Add the directory name in the search box right if necessary.
  4. Next you are asked to fill in section destination URL redirects to ? . There are also three pieces of additional options that redirect more specific application, ie only redirect to the URL prefix www (Only redirect with www), with or without the www (Redirect with or without www) or ignore if the prefix www redirect (Do Not Redirect www). Another alternative is the option to enable the option Wild Card Redirect to all forms of the prefix (https:// anything .
  5. Done  by clicking on the Add and wait until the additional information that redirect succeeded.