cPanel – Import MySQL Database With phpMyAdmin

Managing dynamic site must not be separated from the role of a database (data base) as must. Moreover, the majority of current web-based application always took MySQL for data storage and configuration values

In connection with it, in this article i will be presented in a few steps to import the database via phpMyAdmin available in cPanel. With the existence of this article we hope users can more easily when you want to manage your database independently. Please see more discussion below.


1. Use any of your favorite browser and log on to your hosting panel url , please fill in the username and password of  cPanel.

2. Before doing the import process database, ensure the database is already available first. If it has not been made before, find the category of Databases and you will be given the option of MySQL Databases .Through these options can create a new database, a new database user and determines access rights.

3. Once the database is available, the import process can be done by clicking the phpMyAdmin option also in the category of Databases . at the main page of phpMyAdmin , locate and select the name of the database that was created earlier from the left.

4. Not long after the selection the name of the database will appear a few menus, one of which is the Import. Click the menu to proceed to the next step.

5. In this step you can select the file of  DataBase back up SQL file from your computer or laptop by clicking the Browse  and  click the Go and wait for it to finish.

After following these five simple steps above, now content of database already contains the new values corresponding SQL backup file specified. If the SQL backup file to be imported is larger than you cannot upload, it’s good to send it to the hosting and let you know our technical staff to help import. That way the data base import process will also be more quickly completed. Good luck.