cPanel – permissions Management – file permissions – directory permissions

Not unlike the management of files and directories everyday PC or laptop in your work, in managing hosting also has a similar system. Determination of the file and directory permissions known aspermissions or chmod (change mode) on Linux systems.

Through cPanel, this can be easily done via the File Manager. The basic provisions applicable to our hosting services are as follows:

  • Maximum file permissions 644
  • Maximum directory permissions 755

Follow the simple steps below guide for the management of files and directories on your hosting.

1. Please login to your cPanel and once on the main page of the cPanel, choose the option  File Manager in the category of Files .

2. Choose the option Web Root (public_html / www) when a pop-up box appears and check the option Show Hidden Files followed by clicking the Go button.

3. Menu File Manager appears and displays the selected directory content. Right-click any file or directory access permissions to run, then select the option Change permissions in the context menu that appears. selection can be done for multiple files or directories simultaneously (batch) by pressing the button-hold Ctrl on the keyboard while clicking on the file or directory.

4. Box Change Permission will appear and you can provide a combination of access permissions by activating the option Read , Write and Execute . Alternatively simply fill in the numbers on the access permissions Permission . Apply modifications by clicking the Change Permission .

In addition to using the above, there is also an alternative way to modify a file or directory access permissions in the File Manager, it’s just the way it goes for a selected file or directory only.

After reaching the third step above, you will find a column Perms in each file or directory (far right). Just by double clicking on the column selected file or directory, it will display a small box to fill in the number representing the new permissions. Apply by clicking the button Save .

After reading the above post, you can now perform file management and directory hosting accounts easily and quickly. Feel free to discuss it with our technical staff either by mail, telephone or live chat, if you have problems for file management. Good luck. pamir web host from Afghanistan.