File Upload via File Manager

Many questions about how to upload in cPanel because of course different when the local, the following steps – steps to upload data – data on Desktop to cPanel, while the step is as follows:

1. login to cPanel

2. Choose the file manager in menu Files on the main page when successfully login to cPanel.

3. If a pop-up choose to go to the folder “Web Root (public_html / www)” and tick “Hidden files ..” then  Go up to get a new page.

4. When there has been a new page at the top of the Menu Bar select the Upload and then click, make sure you have the folder / public_html / .

5. Choose to search existing data on the Desktop .Make sure the data in the smaller size of the “Maximum file size …” it’s good in a Zip, after uploads you can “extract”.

If you have uploaded back to make sure permissions are consistent with folders and files so that later it can be accessed website properly. How to change the access rights through cPanel and also viaFTP .

– To folder: 751 but max at number 755.

– To file: 640 but max at number 644.

If the domain has already resolves the website will be able to enjoy a web presence that has been made. Good luck.