how to Configure Cron Jobs

With cron jobs you can create commands that run automatically, and you can specify the time interval.

1. To access cronjob, please login to cpanel.

2. After click the cron job. Then the following window will appear:

3. With Cron Job you can see the cron job execution status via email by filling out the fields that have been available.

5. For setting the cronjob please enter your address in the fields cronjob file command to run.

/ Usr / bin / php-q / home / USERCPANEL / public_html / NAMAFILE.php

For example: 
/ usr / bin / php-q / home / demo / public_html / demo.php 
means: cpanel username is demo, files stored in the folder / public_html / demo.php 
Then select the desired time interval.

You can also call another cronjob in entry 2. 
Upon completion settings to be sure to save the configuration.