How to Increase Memory Limit in WordPress

In some specific plugin, wordpress requires configuration memory limit is greater than the initial configuration (wp default memory limit: 32M), which could lead to errors like plugin that can not be set  active or the emergence of writing errors such as “allowed memory size of 33,554,432 bytes exhausted “. In this tutorial will explain how to change the configuration memory limit for wordpress.

Here are the steps:

  • Log into your cpanel account, usually accessed by (change the with your domain name)
  • Go to the File Manager in cPanel menu, and select the Web Root (public_html / www) in the Directory Selection option and click Go,
  • You will be re-direct to public_html directories are usually the wordpress script, if your wordpress is placed in a subfolder (eg public_html / wp /, then go first to the subfolder. Click on the wp-config.php file, and click the Code Editor cPanel menu on the line, and click edit so that it will display a new window for editing scripts wp-config.php.
  • After the line “<? Php ‘, add the following script: define (‘ WP_MEMORY_LIMIT ‘, ’64M’); example as shown below. For the size we recommend between 48M-64M, and then click Save Changes to save the changes to scripts.
  • we have managed to raise the memory limit for wordpress. To check whether the changes are correct, can use the plugin WP Overview which will show details on the bottom of your wordpress dashboard.
  • This Tutorial to raise the memory limit on wordpress. enjoy