How to Install Moodle using Softaculous

Softaculous is feature in cPanel that allows installation script-ready website scripts like Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart and so on. With the Softaculous you do not need to be bothered with manual installation that requires some configuration scripts, suitable for those of you who lack insight into programming. Here are the steps for installing Moodle, one of CMS ( Content Management System ) which is widely used for the application ofE-Learning .

1. Make sure diskspace your cpanel at least 200MB and above, because the script moodle use approximately 100-200 MB.

2. Access to your cpanel via web browser by typing https:// (change with your domain, such as . If you experience problems accessing cpanel , please contact our support either via phone / e-mail / ticket / chat.

3. Click on the Softaculous in  main page of cpanel under software/Services section.

4. On the left menu in Softaculous, click on the sub menu  portal / CMS , moodle.

5. Click the Install blue button.

6. Fill in the details as per the instructions


a. Select the version you want installed moodle, for better security install the very latest version.

b. Select the protocol http / https desired. Normally use https://www , so the website can be accessed at www prefix.

c. Choose the domain you want to install skriptnya (usually when using domain add-on/subdomain/parked will appear more than one domain).

d. Leave blank, or if they want installed as a subdomain, type the subdomain name folder.

e. Let filled with “moodledata” or change your own. The function of this folder is to store a special script-script that should not be accessible from the outside, usually located in the folder / home / username of your account.

f. Name database can be set manually or let Softaculous Meng-generated database name.

g. Change column Hour with 1, and fill in the other fields with a *

h. Enter the name of your Moodle site.

i. Fill in the description of your moodle website.

j. Leave the default / what it is.

k. Fill in the username admin or others who represent the admin website.

l. Fill with a good password combination, consisting of letters, numbers and characters such as dots, commas, and so on.

m. Fill in the name of personal who served as administrator of the website.

n. Fill in the name of personal who served as administrator of the website.

o. Fill in your e-mail administrator of the website.

p. Click the install when done filling.

So the steps for installing moodle through Softaculous. For other configurations like how to insert the subject matter, entering student data, and so on, can refer to the official website moodle.

Good luck.