how to Set Default email Address in cPanel

As in the know when sending email to the wrong address will be bouncing it, but if you want bouncing be sent to a specific email address can apply through cPanel by using the default address . This email address will receive any invalid email addressed to the domain. default address also known as “catch-all address”. As steps as follows:

1. Access to your cpanel via web browser by typing (change with your domain, such as in this example . If you experience problems accessing cpanel , please contact our support either via phone / e-mail / ticket / chat.

2. If you have successfully logged into cPanel look for is the category default address on the “Mail” and click.

3. In this session this page, please select the default address maintenance with a choice:

  • Discard with error to sender  – Fill with an error message that will be sent to the email sender.
  • Forward to email address  – Fill in the email address that will be used to hold email.

And can also click  Advanced Options  to:

  • Forward the email to the system account .
  • Reject email without automatic response . (This method is not recommended, because the sender does not know if the email address is wrong.)
  • Automatically forward mail to a program, for example,  / home / $ utility , the stuffing  Pipe to a Program . Do not forget when you are finished click change.

4. Upon clicking change  new page will appear that shows the successful configuration in the previous step, and then click Go Back.

Configuration process for the default address in cPanel has been completed, good luck.