Installing kPlaylist Music Player using Softaculous

kPlaylist is a free PHP system that can keep your music collection available via the Internet. kPlaylist is a music database that you manage via the web.With kPlaylist you can stream your music (ogg, mp3, wav, wma, etc.) you can upload, make playlists, share, search, download and many more


  • Webserver with php 5 and up.
  • Mysql support at least version 4.0

How do the installation as follows:

  • Login via cpanel go into Softaculous.
  • Choose kPlaylist or they can search in the search bar Softaculous.
  • Then fill in the required details can be seen on ( i have added the example of this below)
  • Description:

a.  Choose Protocol :  normally is https:// but can be selected when using ssl https:// 
b.   Choose Domain   : select the name of the domain or subdomain that has been made. 
c.  In Directory           : This directory which placed the installation of kplaylist. 
d.  Database Name    : enter the desired database can also use the default database. 
e.  Table Prefix            : allow using default 
f.  Admin Username   : admin should fill in accordance with the needs of its uses is to log into the admin user untum editing song list 
g.  Admin Password: password of the admin user. 
h . Admin Email            : Email is used as verification.

  • Then the last step is to press the install and wait for the process is complete.
  • Once completed, you are ready to use kplaylist. Good luck.