Setting an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2007

This article will walk you through setting up email in Microsoft ® Outlook ? 2007. Of course, before you start setting via outlook, the email account you have created in advance through cPanel. Here are the steps:

* Outlook 2007.

1. On the menu bar located at the top, click Tools> E-mail Accounts .

2. Select E-mail Accounts , click the Add a new e-mail account.

3. If you have a new window appears as below contents according Email Account is made in cPanel. ClickNext.

4. In the window below, there are 3 options, select Internet E-mail suit current needs. Then Next.

5. For this window, in the Logon Information , fill the username with the full email address as drawn.Fill the box Incoming mail server (POP3) and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) to ‘‘(without the quotes, replace with your domain name). Then click More Settings.

6. When it has been clicked, a new window appears again. Select a category Outgoing Server and click.

7. On this page and select the appropriate checkbox in the picture below, after working OK.

The above process is the steps to do a set of emails in microsoft outlook 2007, after OK simply NEXT and allow to connect to the e-mail can work well.