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cPanel – how to add Addon Domains

Addon Domains Addon domains is one of the top features in the hosting where in the same hosting can add multiple domain names with different sites. This means you do not have to always prepare for each ...

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cPanel – how to add Parked Domain

Parked domains is also a feature in multiple domain hosting, it's just a new domain is added to the hosting but not have a different site. Parked domains are also known as domain aliasing. Later when a ...

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cPanel – how to add Subdomain’s

Subdomain used to map existing hosting directory with the naming format https://sub.domainname.comThis feature is widely used to simplify shorting a long URL and make it easier to remember. Check out some of the steps below to setup ...

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cPanel – how to create Redirects

Main Domain or subdomain redirects to a specific location or URL.  

  1. Log in to cPanel via URL format https://yourdomain..com:2082 .
  2. At the main page of cPanel, click the Redirects in the Domains  category .
  3. Select the type of redirect in the drop-down menu , and then ...

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