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MySQL Remote Databse

Remote MySQL function to add permissions for other web servers, to access MySQL databases on your web hosting. How to enable Remote MySQL: 1. CPanel login, and then go to menu >> Remote MySQL Databases. 2. In the Add Access ...

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Reset a WordPress Password with phpMyadmin

Overview This article explains how to reset a lost WordPress password using phpMyAdmin Attention It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your database before continuing. you can do this from backup data, backup database. What You Need To ...

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Downgrade MySQL Version

How to MySQL version downgrade (from 5.1 to 4.0) in a cPanel server.

We can easily Upgrade MySQL version from WHM: Main >> Software >> MySQL Upgrade. But there is no options available to Downgrade the ...

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cPanel – Import MySQL Database With phpMyAdmin

Managing dynamic site must not be separated from the role of a database (data base) as must. Moreover, the majority of current web-based application always took MySQL for data storage and configuration values In connection with it, ...

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