WebSite Backup via FTP

Through this step, we can replace infected files hacking into clean backup file that we have stored on your computer.

Once the importance of having a backup of data, so one of the security measures that need to be done for the website is regularly doing backups . Here is a guide on how to perform backups manually via FTP:

1. Open is to do the FTP application can be downloaded on For now, the following steps to use the application File Zilla. Simply run the application and appropriate in the “Machine”: IP or, user ftp or cpanel on the “User Name”, ftp or cpanel password and the “Port” is correct.

2. It will be displayed if successful in the “remote site” and while “local website:” it is your local computer.If you’ve managed to find is a folder in the Backup download as necessary data on the website then the download is a folder “public_html” please start by right-clicking and right click on “Download”.

3. The process will start the appropriate folder in the download as shown below, visible process in the fields below with the color “green” sign goes.

4. The  shows the successful results of earlier downloads as evidence.

5. After that check where did the downloaded complete,

All steps have been completed, to perform a restore for instance if a time suffered a hacking website, simply delete all the files in the directory “public_html”. Then upload the backup files that have been saved on the computer. As the attention, choosing the application that works with your FTP or match up smoothly and well connected to the ISP connection is also in stable condition so it does not interfere with the download process. Good luck.