Website Performance and Optimization tools

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the access speed of a website is important. The faster the access time of a website, the better the website is in the eyes of search engines such as Google and so on. To improve the performance of websites, besides entrust us as a powerful web hosting service, optimization of the script is equally important. Here I will write some useful tools on the internet to check and improve the performance of your website.



1.  Google Speed Tools 

Free tools from Google are quite in demand by the SEO-ers, please write the name of your domain, and click analyze, then this tool will check your website and display the score (max 100) for the performance of the website. The advantages this tool is to present suggestions related optimizations to do, suggestions are divided into 3 types, High Priority (Red), Medium-Priority (Yellow), and Low Priority (Blue). The greatest priority will usually provide a significant impact on the speed of access to the website. This tool also supports the analysis of website performance in mobile media.

2.   Gmetrix

Has the same functionality as google speed tools, but there are other advantages which we can download the report from this tool that we can later use as a media campaign to customer / client later. It is suitable for those of you who put in the region hosting the USA due to region server tool is in Canada.


The advantage of this tool is that we can determine the region server also used web browser. The analyzes were performed twice by these tools (First View and Repeat View). It has a fairly complete menu is also fairly active forum.