Why Mail is often directed to the spam folder by Gmail / ymail

Email to Yahoo! Mail or GMail often directed to spam folders by spam-filter on the destination server.

To the extent possible to avoid the incident, the cPanel users can enable authentication in the form of automated inspection systems original email sent from your domain name.

A variety of free email providers such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail email authentication checks to avoid spam. DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) can be activated via the menu cPanel> Mail> Email Authentication .

Then on the next screen, activate (enable) the DKIM facility.

Please note that this facility DKIM works with all emails from your domain name must be sent through the server site hosting account / mailbox, in which case it must make sure the SMTP settings have used the address of your domain name, for example SMTP: < domain-name-mailbox-anda.ext> and make sure you have the following options / tick [v] My Server Requires Authentication .