Government Tax

  • 8th August 2022
Honorable Customers, From today August 08, 2022 onward all billable items including domains, hosting, servers and all service we provide will include a 4% government tax, the tax will be applied on each invoice system created. If you have any question for the same, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or send WhatsApp message ...
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Server Migration (SERVER16)

  • 31st December 2021
Honorable Customers, As per our commitment to provide our customers with best services under stronger hosting servers and latest technology, today we are upgrading our to a stronger server with almost double resources and 6th Gen Xeon processors. We are requesting all customers under this server to be patience until the ...
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Server Migration Alert!

  • 12th November 2021

Dear Customer,

As you are in picture, we have migrated our server 14 to a more powerful server name server26, we are requesting all customers under server14 to check their sites and let us know if anything is missing so we can fix it.


Thank you

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Customer Support Services During Kabul Crisis.

  • 23rd August 2021
Honorable Customers, Hope everyone of you are fine and healthy with your respected family during these crisis in Kabul and other cities in the country (Afghanistan). As per our commitment to provide outstanding customer support to our customers in Afghanistan and abroad, it's to promise you once again and make you sure that all our services are ...
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