Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Fully Raw Dedicated server power at your disposal

Choose your Windows dedicated server

Server Xeon Bronze Fully Managed 2×2 TB RAID Storage, 1GBPs Port Speed16GB DDR4100GB NAS BackupFailover IPsUnlimited BandwidthYes$149.99/moOrder Now
Server Xeon Silver Fully Managed2x480GB SSD RAID Storage, 1GBPs Port Speed32GB DDR4100GB NAS BackupFailover IPsUnlimited BandwidthYes$199.99/moOrder Now
Server Xeon Gold Fully Managed 3×2 TB RAID Storage, 1GBPs Port Speed64GB DDR4100GB NAS BackupFailover IPsUnlimited BandwidthYes$269.99/moOrder Now
Server Xeon Diamond Fully Managed 2×2 TB RAID Storage, 1GBPs Port Speed128GB DDR4100GB NAS BackupFailover IPsUnlimited BandwidthYes$329.99/moOrder Now

Every Dedicated Server includes...


Enterprise Class Storage

Equipped with Enterprise Class Hard Drives that accelerates performance.


Free Windows License

You will get here Free Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 Licenses


Dedicated IP

With each dedicated server you get 2 static IPs.


Plesk control panel

Plesk enables multiple levels of controls to simplify administering


Intel multi-core processor

Powerful Intel CPUs providing reliable performance


Choose your preferred applications

Run different applications and compatible OS


Root administrator access

Full access and control with your dedicated IP.

DDoS Protection

All managed servers have basic protection against Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks, protecting your service from downtime when there is a network flood attack on your service.


Fastest SAS storage

Disk I/O operations typically cause slowdowns, which is why we use 15,000rpm SAS technology, which is up to 10x faster and more reliable than conventional drives.

Install whatever you want

It's your dedicated server. We give you complete root-level access so that you can install any application, plug-in, library, server component, anything!


Rapid scalability

With our server technology, you'll be able to move to a bigger or smaller dedicated server seamlessly, without having to reconfigure applications, move files or edit your DNS!

Windows Dedicated Hosting Frequently Asked Questions