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Protect against Cyber Threats

  • 25 Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Network Scan
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  • 1-time Application Scan
  • 1-time SQL Injection Scan
  • 1-time XSS Scan
  • 200 Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Network Scan
  • Auto Malware Removal
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Unlimited Application Scan
  • Unlimited SQL Injection Scan
  • Unlimited XSS Scan

What's included with Sitelock


Daily Scans

A healthy body requires check-ups and so does a healthy website. SiteLock performs routine scanning of websites to keep all the internet malwares at bay.


TrueSpeed CDN

Experience a dramatic increase in website speed through a network of global data centers by SiteLock advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN).



A secure site would mean more visitors which generates revenue for your website. So higher security spells more revenue!



Don’t let the virus bite your website. Get notifications for any virus threats and fix it instantly with SiteLock.

Show customers that your website is safe

Get secured by our SSL certification, proving to your customers that your website is safe. Your website will display a green lock sign, boosting their confidence in your website.


Enhanced security coverage to beef up your site

With our web application firewall combined with our malware detection systems, attack attempts will be easily blocked while basic malware infections can be automatically removed.

We always know what’s happening

Our security team will constantly monitor your website, and scan through system logs to provide a proper security coverage. Reports on infection causes and further analysis will be provided to our customers.


24/7 security team to take action, efficiently

A round-the-clock security implementation will require a specialised team to monitor and take quick actions, especially important when it regards to the integrity of your website.


SSL Encryption & Google Security Compliance

Secure sensitive information and comply with Google’s requirements for safe web browsing.


Advanced Monitoring Setup

Our monitoring system coupled with our dedicated engineers will effectively detect attacks and infections.


Website Speed Optimisation

Rely on our experienced application engineers to give your site speed a boost.

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