Database Backup via phpMyAdmin

Backup not only can be done through cpanel but can with FTP, phpMyAdmin or check backup from the server side. Backup via FTP only store PHP files, HTML and folders from the website. Not including download database of existing websites. To perform a database backup, requires phpMyAdmin. Here are the steps:

1. Please login to cpanel with (change yourdomain with yours)

 2. Find the “Databases” on the main page after a successful cpanel login , and click on the sub category “phpMyAdmin” until a new page.

3. When it has loaded the “phpMyAdmin” look is that you want to backup database as shown below and then click, eg “blogdemo_wp13”.

 4. Then a new page will appear, please find and click “Export”.

5. In the “Export Method” can choose “Quick” to download all the tables, or “Custom” if you want to sort out any tables that you want to download. In the “Format”, choose SQL. Finally, click GO.

 6. If you have bell-shaped “GO” will pop up for the downlod appear as shown, then ok.

7. The process will run and wait until it is completed according to the size and speed of the your internet speed.

Backup is a data backup. Its presence is required if at any time our website is not working properly. So it is better if we do it regularly. Least once a week to do a database backup. Because the database is always growing all the time. As for the backup via FTP, can do it every time you make changes to the website. For example, the upgrade process, and so on. So how to backup files and databases via phpMyAdmin website. We hope that your website may remain healthy. Good try.