how to Change MX Mail Server to Another

The conversion can be done from cpanel MX, with a record of your own hosting account and a domain equipped with CPanel. Here are the steps

1. Login to your cpanel hosting account.

2. Upon successful entry / login to cpanel, click the MX ENTRY

3. then fill MX would you go, such as ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. Select the destination you are going to change its MX. Once you fill her MX and then click change

4. Furthermore, there will be a replacement MX confirmation, and click Go Back

5. Having returned to the MX menu entry, then click confirm Set To Yes

After you click Set To Yes, then you’ve changed the MX domain to the target value. Resolve to MX takes approximately 1 × 24 hours.  if experiencing difficulties please contact our Technical staff through phone, or email, good luck.