Softaculous – How to Install WordPress

Still confused to use applications or features in cpanel particularly on the menu Software / Service at Softaculous , at Softaculous itself has a lot of web software applications that we use,

Here are some ways to how to install multiple applications, which are often used as a reference for the How To Install WordPress for its installation steps, here to do.

* Install WordPress in Softaculous

1. log into your cpanel.

2. In the main page search look for the menu Software / Service > Softaculous , and then click on softaculous.

3. When you see the Softaculous page, look on the left there is a menu list app, we are installing WordPress now so on the menu Blogs just point the cursor to the blogs will turn up several App. seek to WordPress and click.

4. The page will be  loaded with WordPress option seen the upper right menu, find the INSTALL and click.

5. When it has appeared to installing the WordPress in the account, then carefully to the fill the correct information.:

  • Choose Protocol , select your own or whether it wants to use www or directly or with http or https.
  • Choose Domain , according owned domains.
  • In Directory, by default pre-filled wp. This could replace it and leave it. If  delete wp, Softaculous will create a new directory named wp and install scripts WordPress in it. If that happens, then to access the web you will have to type
  • Database Name, if you want to replace it is okay as you wish and if you do not let it default.
  • Table Prefix, let it default.
  • Site Name, as you wish.
  • Site Description, as desired.
  • Admin Username, choose an easy to remember.
  • Admin Password, choose the one who is not easily guess, and safe as authentication .
  • Admin Email,  email the company.

6. and click Install to install .. if it has been successful then the successful  notification page will appear with admin login access link of WordPress .

7. Good luck, be sure to diskspace is in cpanel more than 32MB before installing it.

Similarly, for the installation of other  web software applications in Softaculous  is not so much different from the way we just installed the WordPress , good luck and hopefully its useful. Thank you.